Real Estate Trends in Columbia, South Carolina

Ask any realtor about their job and the first things they’re going to talk about are the trends in the area. For the most part, the nation follows a general pattern where the real estate market either fairs well or poorly across the board. Some areas are better at combating those trends when need be, but they are still susceptible to what is going on. Most real estate agents stay up to date on current market trends to provide their customers with information on good investments. A realtor is certainly the person to go to when it comes time to buy a home because she will know exactly what’s happening in the market at the moment. Let’s take a look at some of the real estate trends in Columbia, South Carolina so you may see if that is an area you want to find real estate in.

It is a good time to buy property in Columbia, and it is certainly an ideal time to invest if you find a good deal and plan on making a sale soon. But there are more buyers out there right now than there are sellers, so more people have to compete to buy a home. In spite of the trend going toward the buyer’s market, our real estate office will make sure to find you a great deal in the area.

The average cost of a home for 2009 is $150,000 in Columbia. Most homes stay on the market for 60 to 90 days, but some sell much faster than that. There is an overall decreasing trend in the market for the area, but most homes sell for 95-100% of the original asking price. That should be news to your ears as it indicates that your investment will be paid off in due time.
Most people in this area are first time buyers looking for a starter home. If you are looking for something a little more up-scale, you can easily talk to us to find out your options. Financing is readily available in the area, and most likely we will know an approximate amount of money you will spend on the property. We will also know what spots in town are looking to see big increases in sales for the future so that you can find a house that will increase in value.


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