EMILY & BUDDY – Are They A Team?

Yes, they are; and no, they’re not!

Emily has her career, home office and phone numbers separate from Buddy’s, and likewise for  Buddy.  Occasionally they will list a home for sale together when both are friends of the seller.  Also, on occasion they both might assist a buyer in finding a home when one’s schedule is jam-packed and other has available time.

However, generally their business is separate from the other’s.  Both list and sell all over the Greater Columbia area, since Columbia is still small enough that an agent can be knowledgeable about all areas.  Each is as likely to sell a $70,000 condo as a $400,000 executive home!  If you’d like to read about Buddy’s many successes, click here to visit his website.


Which one to select?  You’ll be very happy working with either Emily or Buddy, as you can tell from their glowing testimonials.  You can quickly review each of their websites, roll the dice, and get in touch with either (or both) for a “win-win” solution!

For an amusing and true real estate story, just ask them about the time Emily was talking with the wife and Buddy with the husband, and neither knew it was the same couple!  Life in the Lewis household is always an adventure!