How to Help a Realtor Show Your Home

First impressions are critical, and the moment of truth comes down to how well your home “shows” at that first moment when the buyers and their real estate agent ring your doorbell!

First, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and take a hard look around your home!  Please remember that your home is in direct competition with many others (including a number of newly constructed homes), and a buyer looks at an average of 20 or more homes before making an offer.  Often buyers are influenced by the smallest of details.

Second, remember that preparing for a showing can dramatically affect the likelihood of sale. 

I suggest that you do the following, especially if you are home when you receive the request for a showing:

  • Check that your answering machine message/voice mail is friendly and welcoming (consider adding any special requests to agents who are calling to show your home)

  • Open all window treatments

  • Turn on all lights

  • Put away toys, shoes and other personal items laying around the home

  • Clean the kitchen and put away all dishes and countertop clutter

  • Make arrangements to keep all pets (and their food and litter boxes) out of the way

  • Make sure all bathrooms are sparkling clean

  • Eliminate loud noises; if you have central or surround sound, be sure the volume is low and the music selection neutral

  • Vacuum the home prior to the showing

  • Make sure the home (especially kitchen and bathrooms) smells fresh and clean

  • Be especially sensitive to pet and cigarette odors (some sellers have found that bowls of white vinegar work better at eliminating odors than heavy potpourri)

  • Leave the home BEFORE the agent and buyer arrive

  • If a buyer wants to view the home without the agent present, refer them to your listing agent (hopefully this is Emily!)

  • Keep all business cards and inform your agent of the showing so you can receive feedback.
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