Pricing Your Home

The primary reason a home does not sell is that it is not priced correctly for its condition and/or location.  The oldest sayings in real estate are (1) location, location, location; and (2) price solves everything. 

What are other reasons a home might not sell?  (1) The lack of a comprehensive marketing plan to both the public and to other real estate agents; (2) the ease and convenience of showing (is there a lockbox, are there vicious pets, or are there inflexible showing times and restrictions?); (3) the market share, exposure, and support of the listing company; and (4) the credentials, reputation, and experience of the listing agent.

As part of my comprehensive marketing plan and analysis of your home, I will investigate all comparable homes for sale and those recently sold in your community and market area.  I also will research the level of activity and terms of sales in the current market to help you arrive at an expected sales price.  These are just a few of the many steps I undertake in evaluating your home.

Don’t be tempted to select your listing agent solely on the price which is recommended or to over-inflate the value of your home.  The first days and weeks of the listing period are when the greatest activity occurs.  Overpricing may discourage prospective buyers from ever looking at your home and discourage agents from second showings.  Remember that buyers shop by comparison, and a buyer looks at an average of 20 or more homes before making a buying decision. 

The correct price is critical in getting a successful sale!

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