Staging Your Home

You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression!  A home that stands out among similarly priced homes is the one that sells.  The following suggestions for preparing your home for sale are worth the special attention:

Exterior Maintenance

  • Lawn carefully mowed, edged, fertilized, weeded, and cultivated

  • Trees and shrubs trimmed away from the home (shrubs generally pruned to below window height)

  • Driveways and walks free of grass clippings and mildew; consider power washing if this hasn’t been done in a few years (also check north walls of exterior for mildew)

  • Absence of clutter and debris in yard, driveway and flower beds

  • Fresh mulch in flower beds, especially in the front yard

  • Pots of colorful flowers on each side of front door or hanging on porch

  • Exterior house paint and caulk in good condition and clean, especially around the front door

  • All door locks open properly and easily (usually the front door, which doesn’t get much use,  can use a little graphite or lubricating oil in the lock)

  • Roof in good condition and free of excessive mildew/pine sap stains

  • Gutters free from leaves and pine straw

  • Shutters, screens and screen doors in good repair

  • Outdoor furniture clean and undamaged

  • All exterior lighting in working condition (with fresh light bulbs) and free of cob webs

  • Mailbox and house numbers free of rust and freshly painted/cleaned

  • Loose deck boards nailed down, rotten boards replaced, deck cleaned and waterproofed

  • Crawl space door free of rotten wood and freshly painted

Interior Maintenance

  • Walls clean and unmarked, preferably freshly painted with neutral colors

  • Windows clean inside and out (some sellers remove the  front window screens to allow more sunlight in and for a cleaner presentation)

  • All light fixtures working and with bright bulbs  (consider a higher wattage bulb in rooms with no windows)

  • Plumbing in good repair (no dripping faucets or loose fixtures)

  • Sinks and tubs stain-free

  • Disposal free of odors (run a cut-up lemon or other citrus through disposal)

  • Caulking in tubs and showers in good repair and mildew free

  • Major appliances clean and in good repair

  • Ceiling fans, light fixtures, heating and air return vents vacuumed and cleaned

  • Heating and air filters replaced

  • Loose doorknobs, sticking doors, and warped drawers repaired

  • Loose stair banisters tightened

  • Closets cleaned out and excess items stored away (good rule of thumb:  remove one-third to one-half of all items in all closets, which makes them appear larger)

  • Garage floors free of any major stains

Staging Tips

  • Consider renting a small storage unit away from the home to store excess furniture/personal items

  • Take down any offensive posters, artwork, etc. (if your teenager balks, blame me!)

  • Take down excessive family photos, putty holes, repair, and repaint (some sellers touch up paint using a Q-tip rather than a paint brush for very small areas)

  • Remove leaves from kitchen and dining tables to make rooms appear larger

  • Move furniture as needed so that a buyer can easily walk around within and in between rooms

  • Use white towels and accessories if bathroom or kitchen “permanent” colors are outdated

  • Keep a floor or table lamp on in any room which does not have a ceiling light or has dark corners (such as paneled or basement den) 

  • Put away and lock up any fragile, sentimental or very valuable items (including cash, jewelry, collectibles, etc.); safely secure any guns and keep ammunition and serial numbers in a separate location

  • Clean carpets, draperies, upholstered furniture,  if needed

  • Consider giving a carpet allowance if the carpet is excessively worn/stained (go ahead and get price quotes for a medium-or-higher-grade new carpet and pad, if you don’t plan to replace carpet prior to putting your home on the market)


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